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Medina High School Thespian Troupe #441 and Drama Club

2004 Banquet and Awards

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2006 Banquet and Awards
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The Person in bold is the winner of the nominees.

Best Musical Actor
Bobby Bux (Finch) How to...

Matthew Patrick (Bud) How to
Jarryd Steimer (Biggely) How to

Best Musical Actress
Kimberly States (Rosemary) How to

Melissa LaBonty (Hedy) How to

Best Supporting Actress (in a musical)
Emily Urban (Smitty) How to

Katie Peyton (Miss Jones) How to
Melissa LaBonty How to

Best Supporting Actor (in a musical)
Jordan Wolff (Bratt) How to

Pete Rinto (Twimble) How to
Mark Swinerton How to

Best Technical Person (Musical)
Pat Gillihan
Amber Paroda
James Welch
Ashley Chase
Chris LaBonty

Best Technical Person (Drama)
Amber Paroda
Ashley Chase
James Welch
Bridget Kelley

Best Actress in a Drama
Amanda Clements (Abigail) The Crucible
Syd Sustarsic (Elizabeth) The Crucible
Katie Kubasta (Elizabeth) The Crucible
Claire Skorepa (Mary Warren) The Crucible

Best Actor in a Drama
Kemp Lyons (Proctor) The Crucible

Matthew Patrick (Hale) The Crucible
Jordan Wolff (Danforth) The Crucible
James Welch (Parris) The Crucible

Best Supporting Actress in a Drama
Candice Knox (Rebecca Nurse) The Crucible
Camille Guillot (Tituba) The Crucible
Amy Balsinger (Tituba) The Crucible
Rachael Englebry (Ann Putnam) The Crucible

Best Supporting Actor in a Drama
Mark Swinerton (Giles) The Crucible
Mitch Holtz (Hathorne) The Crucible
Chris Kallio (Putnam) The Crucible
Dane Urban (Nurse) The Crucible

(Dancing At Lughnasa, Picnic, The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, Crimes of the Heart)

Best Actress in a Lead Role
Emily Urban (Jean Brodie), Brodie

Amanda Clements (Kate Mundy), Lughnasa
Leah Westfall (Babe), Crimes
Anne Reeves (Madge), Picnic
Alicia Hoisington (Flo), Picnic
Molly Miller (Sandy), Brodie

Best Actor in a Lead Role
Jeff Symonds (Hal) Picnic
Mitch Holtz (Gerry) Lughnasa
Bobby Bux (Teddy) Brodie

Supporting Actress
Candice Knox (Maggie) Lughnasa
Sarah Perillo (Meg) Crimes
Rachael Englebry (Millie) Picnic
Syd Sustarsic (Mary) Brodie
Claire Skorepa (Sr. Helena) Brodie
Debbie Steele (Rosemary) Picnic

Supporting Actor
Ben Koons (Fr. Jack) Lughnasa
Matt Lofy (Bomber) Picnic
AC Nickley (Howard) Picnic
Matthew Patrick (Mr. Mackey) Brodie
Clayton LeHotan (Lowther) Brodie
Jordan Wolff (Barnette) Crimes
Kemp Lyons (Doc) Crimes

Best Student Director
Emily Urban Lughnasa

Chelby Benson/Kimberly States Picnic
Erin Wethern Brodie
Katie Peyton/Alicia Hoisington Crimes

(Cannibalism in the Cars, A Medieval Romance, The Empty Chair, Laffin School)

Best Actor
Chris Kallio (Cannibalism)

Shawn Nicholson (A Medieval..)
Dane Urban (Cannibalism)
Ben Wagner (A Medieval..)
Jason Lemmon (Laffin School)
Mike Mayer (The Empty Chair)

Best Actress
Rachel Kirschling (Cannibalism)

Sarah Buca (Cannibalism)
Christina Hart (A Medieval..)
Kelly Green (A Medieval..)
Sarah Virkler (Laffin' School)
Jaime Zitkovic (Laffin' School)
Stephanie McClure (The Empty Chair)

Best Techie Newcomer
John Berger (Cannibalism)

Michelle Corey (Cannibalism)
Nicole Blum (Laffin' School)
Suzie Lane (Laffin' School)
Alex Fisher (The Empty Chair)



Actor of the Year
Matthew Patrick

Bobby Bux
Kemp Lyons

Actress of the Year
Amanda Clements

Kimberly States
Syd Sustarsic
Emily Urban

Techie of the Year
James Welch

Pat Gillihan
Amber Paroda
Katie Peyton
Ashley Chase

Best Kiss
Bobby Bux/Kimberly States (How to Succeed)

Bobby Bux/Melissa LaBonty (How to Succeed)
Jeff Symonds/Anne Reeves (Picnic)
Bobby Bux/Molly Miller (Brodie)
Mitch Holtz/Sarah Kirschling (Lughnasa)

Newcomer of the Year
Kemp Lyons

Dane Urban
Chad Courtney
Bobby Bux

Rachel Kirschling

Alyson Shupe
Brianne Poynton
Katie Kubasta
Rachael Needham